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Slidell Tooth Removal

When a tooth is causing you pain or is severely infected, it’s often best to go ahead and have it removed. Dr. Stephen Cambre offers gentle extraction services in our Slidell practice, allowing you to access complete smile care from the family dentist you already know and trust.

Ultimately, we aim to help our patients keep their natural teeth for as long as possible. However, that’s not always an option. Sometimes teeth need to be pulled in order to keep the others healthy, or simply to get you out of pain as quickly as possible.

Do You Need a Tooth Pulled?

In most cases, we usually only recommend having a tooth pulled if it cannot be restored (repaired) and retained for several more years. Some of the most common reasons why Dr. Cambre may recommend a dental extraction over something like a crown or root canal include:

Dental emergencies, such as trauma or pain

Impacted or partially-impacted wisdom teeth

Orthodontic concerns

Full mouth rehabilitation

Advanced periodontal disease

Cracked tooth roots

Aggressive decay

By having your problematic tooth removed, a therapeutic tooth extraction can help us restore your smile back to optimal health.

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Dental extractions

Tooth Extraction Procedure

Depending on the type of dental extraction that you need, it may be a simple appointment or longer surgery. Dr. Cambre will look over your X-rays and determine which type of comfort measures are necessary, such as local anesthetic with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or a stronger sedative. Often, extracting the tooth helps get patients out of pain. Our team will make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Your wisdom teeth develop early on, typically erupting sometime during adolescence or into your late 20s. If these molars are tilted into the adjacent teeth or impacted within the bone, it can lead to cysts, infections, or crowding due to the pressure. Contact Dr. Cambre if you believe you or child need wisdom teeth removal in Slidell, LA.

After Your Tooth Removal

Each tooth plays an important role in your smile. When one is removed, it can cause the other teeth on your arch to drift out of alignment. You see this when you take a book off of a shelf; over a matter of time, the books on either side tilt or shift. To prevent this from happening in your mouth, we’ll want to replace your extracted tooth in a prompt manner. Options such as dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures are all worth considering.

Extracted wisdom teeth do not need to be replaced. Because of their location at the back of the jaw, these molars are typically not functional. Dr. Cambre will have a panoramic X-ray taken at certain stages of smile development in order to evaluate your wisdom tooth growth and positioning.

It’s Not Too Late to Save Your Smile!

Contact our Slidell dentist, Dr. Stephen Cambre, today to request a consultation for you or your loved one.

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