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Missing Tooth Replacement

Just one missing tooth can threaten the entire structure of your mouth, but you may not have the budget or desire to replace your missing tooth with an individual dental implant. Fortunately, dental bridges solve this problem by closing the gaps in your smile.

Dr. Stephen Cambre has more than two decades of experience helping Slidell patients restore their full smiles with durable dental bridges that blend right in with their natural teeth. You can work with Dr. Cambre and his team to select the best dental bridge style for your unique needs.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

A dental bridge is true to its name: it bridges the gap created by a missing tooth. The most common bridges use the teeth on either side of the gap from your missing tooth as anchors. Your bridge could be made from metal, ceramics, or a combination of both, depending on your needs and preferences.

Types of Dental Bridges

Dr. Cambre may recommend a traditional, cantilever, or implant-supported style dental bridge to fill the gaps in your smile.

A traditional bridge is most popular because it only requires healthy teeth on either side of the gap left by your missing tooth. A cantilever dental bridge is similar, but is held in place by a dental crown cemented to just one natural tooth.

Implant-supported dental bridges are the most advanced because they use dental implants to support the bridge structure. This method is especially useful when it’s too expensive or complex to replace each missing tooth with its own implant. The bridge can suspend a pontic between two implant-supported crowns to create the appearance of a full smile.

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The Benefits of Choosing A Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can prevent severe damage to your mouth and smile. As soon as you lose a tooth, nearby teeth begin the process of tilting or shifting into that empty space. It’s even possible for your bite to become misaligned as your jawbone shrinks. A dental bridge prevents these issues by filling the gap left by your missing tooth and keeping your smile in-tact.

Overall, dental bridges offer many essential benefits:

Restore the appearance of your smile

Help you chew and speak properly

Maintain the healthy shape of your face

Regulate your bite to prevent pain and injury

Keep other teeth firmly in place

Missing Tooth Replacement

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Dr. Cambre treats every patient like a member of his family. He’s committed to individualized care and is always conscientious to provide treatments proven to deliver the very best patient outcome. This is exactly why Dr. Cambre will work closely with you to select a dental bridge that takes your budget, oral health needs, and aesthetic preferences into consideration. Make your dental bridge appointment with Stephen M. Cambre, DDS today.

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