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Same day dental crowns with E4D Technology

What to know

About Same Day dental crowns

When your smile needs more protection than what an everyday dental filling can offer, Dr. Stephen Cambre may recommend a dental crown.

Crowns are full coverage “caps” that slip over your tooth, covering all of the visible surfaces above your gums. They’re made from quality, durable materials to withstand everyday use while also enhancing the appearance of your smile.

Unlike most dentists in Slidell, we’re able to provide same day dental crowns in lieu of the traditional, multiple-visit process that’s required.

Figure out if a crown is right for you

Crowns are protective dental restorations used on teeth with extensive wear and structural damage. When your tooth wouldn’t otherwise withstand everyday pressure from biting and chewing, our dentist will recommend crowning it.

You may need a dental crown if you have a:

Recently completed root canal

Large filling that needs to be replaced

Severe area of tooth decay

Cracked tooth or fractured tooth due to an injury

Dental implant for single tooth replacement

What to expect during crown treatment

Traditional crown treatments require at least two appointments, two weeks apart, to complete. The tooth is prepped, impressed, and a crown is made by an off-site ceramist at a nearby lab.

But with our same day dental crowns in Slidell, you’re able to complete the entire process in just one visit. Thanks to E4D digital imaging, we can prep your tooth and place a custom porcelain crown in the same appointment, saving you valuable time and often money.

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E4D Same day dental crown system

Advanced dental crown technology

How do E4D same day crowns work?

Instead of making multiple trips back and forth to our office, Dr. Cambre will schedule you for one appointment. After numbing your tooth for comfort purposes, we’ll gently reshape the outer edges of enamel to make room for the crown to fit over it.

Next, we’ll use a handheld scanner that incorporates CAD/CAM 3D technology to capture a virtual “impression” of your tooth. This data allows for precise detail at the most microscopic levels during your crown design. Once the information is transferred into our in-house milling machine, your new crown is carved from a hand-selected block of ceramic that matches your adjacent teeth.

You can sit back and relax or catch up on other dental work that you need in the meantime. When it’s ready, your crown is permanently bonded in place. No second visit is needed!

Advantages of same day dental crowns

Less time off work, more efficient

No room for human error

Durable, aesthetic materials

Appropriate for dental implants

Can be used on any tooth in your mouth

Only need to be numbed once

Save time with same day dentistry

Are you looking for a family dentist in Slidell, LA? We’ve proudly served the community for over 20 years! Contact us today for your E4D same day crown consultation.

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