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Protect Teeth From Cavities

You can see your front teeth every time you smile in the mirror, but your back teeth don’t always get the attention they deserve. They hide in the depths of your mouth, responsible for chewing and shredding food as you eat.

Unfortunately, the tiny pits and fissures in your back-most teeth trap food as you chew. Trapped food pieces breed bacteria that your toothbrush can’t effectively reach or remove. If this continues uncontrolled, cavities develop as a result.

Only dental sealants offer a long-lasting way to protect your teeth by creating a protective layer over vulnerable back molars. Sealants block food and bacteria from triggering decay in the teeth, which makes it possible to stop cavities before they start. Dr. Cambre uses sealants on children and adults alike to keep the mouth as healthy as possible.

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

Sealants are very thin coatings applied to permanent back teeth. They are virtually impossible to see with the naked eye, but they work effectively to stop food from getting stuck in the grooves and pits on the surface of your molars. Those narrow grooves are popular places for bacteria to hide and multiple, and only sealants can minimize cavity-forming bacteria from accumulating.

What Are the Benefits of Using Sealants?

The team at Stephen M. Cambre, DDS recommends that all children receive sealants on permanent molars. This simple preventative measure can significantly reduce the risk of cavities and decay as children get older. Of course, we also encourage adults to receive new sealants if their old protective layers wear down or become punctured.

Sealants offer many benefits to your dental health:

A quick and painless procedure

Sealants protect teeth up to ten years before a fresh application is needed

Application of sealants reduces decay by more than 70%

Sealants reduce the likelihood of other oral health complications

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Dental Sealant FAQ's

Sealants are a simple part of preventative dental care, and the sooner you receive them the better!

Not at all. Sealants are so thin that they simply blend in with your existing tooth. Other than a slightly smoother feeling on your back teeth, sealants can hardly be detected after application.

Most sealants are invisible and won’t be noticed by others. It’s possible for sealants to also appear white or slightly tinted, depending on the material used, but they aren’t so obvious that someone will notice as you smile or yawn. It’s most likely that only your dentist at Stephen M. Cambre, DDS will be able to identify the presence of sealants in your mouth.

Sealants are not used to treat cavities. Instead, they are meant to be placed on new, healthy teeth in order to prevent cavities from ever forming. If you do have a cavity, your dentist may treat the area with a dental filling and then place a sealant over your filling to preserve the health of your treated tooth.

Protecting Teeth from Decay

Dental Sealant Dentist in Slidell, LA

Our experienced team has used sealants and other preventative techniques for more than 20 years to help patients protect their oral health. We are here to give you and your children the strongest, healthiest teeth and gums possible. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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