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5 tips for healthy gums

5 Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy in Slidell

Your gums are more important than you may have realized. As a soft tissue supportive structure, they play a crucial role in securing your teeth to the bone underneath. For ...
Will getting dental implants hurt blog

Will Getting Dental Implants Hurt? Slidell Implant Dentistry

The idea of having dental implants placed into your gum tissue and jawbone probably sounds painful. You may even be avoiding the procedure altogether for fear of how much it ...
vaping and oral health

Slidell Dental Office: Vaping and Oral Health

We all know that smoking cigarettes cause lasting damage on teeth and gums, but what about vaping? The e-cigarette trend sweeping our nation is relatively new and, as a result, ...
best solutions for missing teeth

Best Solutions if You’re Missing Most of Your Teeth in Slidell

We’re each only given one set of real, permanent teeth. Though they’re meant to last forever, more than 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth according to the ...